Optical instruments

The best optical instruments in our Huércal Overa store

Are you looking for a professional microscope? Do you have a hobby where you need quality magnifying glasses, telescope or binoculars? At Salas Garcia Opticos y Audiometria we have a large assortment of optical instruments whatever your concern.

Optical devices serve to expand our vision capacity and help us both in the field of scientific research and also on a personal level if we have a hobby that requires optical measuring instruments or vision magnification.


Optical devices on the market today

The vision of the human eye is limited, therefore, there are a great variety of optical instruments that have helped us throughout history in the scientific evolution of many fields of research. However, the main current retail instruments are:

  • Magnifying glasses
  • Binoculars 
  • Telescopes


What are magnifying glasses for?

Magnifying glasses are optical instruments that are used to increase the size of any object and thus be able to see it more clearly and sharply.

The magnifying glass is a converging lens that increases the vision of our eye when we look at an object through it. These devices are considered precision optical instruments essential to measure the quality and view the details of a myriad of products on the market.

How to choose good binoculars?

The binoculars would serve as an extension of our eyes to observe the environment. They are essential tools for those professionals or amateurs observing the natural world.

In choosing a suitable binoculars, different factors come into play, such as the observation environment (day / night), the increase in the field we need and even our age, which determines the opening of the pupil against the impact of light.

Our Salas Garcia Opticos y Audiometria professionals will advise you to choose the binocular that best suits your needs.


Enjoy astronomy with a professional telescope

We know that many people like astronomical observation and astrophotography. For this reason, in our Huercal Overa store you can buy a high precision telescope, to really start enjoying astrological observation.

Within the category of optical telescopes there are 2 typologies:

  • Refractor telescope. It works with lenses and makes the furthest things look up close.
  • Reflecting telescope. It works with mirrors and its advantages are the absence of chromatic aberration and the lower weight at a similar focal length.


Can I buy a laboratory light microscope?

Buying a good microscope is not easy, as it is an optical laboratory instrument that can be difficult to handle. However, more and more people are interested in the world of research and who require quality tools such as a good optical microscope.

There are many types of microscopes on the market that can be classified into 2 large groups:

  • Biological microscope: provides high magnification and allows the observation of biological tissues through a transparent glass.
  • Stereoscopic microscope: provides a three-dimensional view with lower magnifications, as it is used for solid and opaque elements.

The microscope has been one of the inventions that marked a before and after in the history of science, especially in medicine. If you want to acquire a microscope, remember to be advised by a good professional, since they are high-tech instruments that require a good knowledge of their use.


We have the optical instrument you need

At Salas Garcia Opticos y Audiometria we work with a catalog of optical devices provided by different market suppliers. Consult with our specialists and if we do not have the product we will look for it.

We work with high quality suppliers to meet the satisfaction of our customers. Visit us now at our Huércal Overa store.