Obviously, if we carry out your vision prescription, we also give you the opportunity to take prescription glasses with the latest trends and at the best price.

We have brand glasses of all prices and ranges, we also have a multitude of white label frames that will surely fit your budget.

In addition, we always have active offers and promotions in our Huércal-Overa store.


Progressive Glasses

Surely only by its name you can deduce what a progressive glasses is, that they progress …, the technical explanation would be: progressive lenses are made so that you can see up close, far and intermediate distances.

Sometimes when we reach a certain age, almost all people develop tired eyesight or presbyopia, which makes it difficult for the eye to focus at certain distances, this is what progressive glasses correct, they allow you to focus at all distances.

This is not witchcraft, but the technology is “simple”, let’s say it is 3 lenses in one:

  • At the top it is used to see well from afar.
  • The central part to see well at intermediate distances.
  • The bottom to see well up close.

As you can see, it is not a matter of magic or witchcraft. You just have to match your gaze with the glass and the point you want to focus on.

The main advantages are:

  • You have everything in one pair.
  • Nothing is appreciated aesthetically.
  • You save as you have 3 glasses in 1.
  • You will have a sharp and clear view of your entire environment.
  • You can use them with any graduation.

And the downsides:

  • Sometimes it can be difficult to adapt.
  • In relation to the previous point: We must learn to look since the shape of the look changes completely, we will have to move our head to see according to which areas.

Sports prescription glasses

If you usually do sports, you know how important vision is when practicing it, even how uncomfortable it is to wear contact lenses in different situations, such as wind, dust, sand, impacts….

If so, you could use prescription glasses for sports.

Obviously these glasses are already prepared to practice it, the lenses do not break, they are more resistant, they are more adjusted to your face, so that you cannot hurt yourself in case of impact, etc…

If you do sports, we recommend that you give them a try, and if it bothers you to wear glasses and contact lenses, you always have the option of ortho-k night lenses, take a look.

Prescription glasses of the best brands

Thanks to the agreements that we fight with the best brands of glasses, we can offer you the best brands at the best price, we have very very attractive prices, you should come and see them without any commitment.

These are some of our brands: Ray-Ban, Gucci, Guess, Channel, Emporio Armani, Dior, Dolce Gabanna, Carrera, Carolina Herrera, Tous, Vogue and many more.