Salas García Hearing Center in Huércal-Overa

Your trusted hearing center in Huércal Overa

Have you felt for a long time that you no longer hear the way you used to? In our Hearing Center we can help you find the best solution for you.

Over time it is common for our ears to lose their ability to listen. It is not easy to assume that there is a hearing problem, since it often occurs in a process of gradual deterioration.

For this reason, we recommend going to Salas García, your professional hearing center in Huércal Overa, to do a review and be able to detect hearing impairment in time. We are a specialized hearing center, where we can advise you according to your hearing problem on the best hearing aids or on hearing therapy if this is your case.

Hearing check

How is your ear? Come and we check it with the best and highest technology.

Hearing aids

Try our hearing aids from the best brands for FREE and without obligation for 30 days.

Warranty and repair

In our hearing center we have a hearing aid repair service, we repair all brands on the market. Ask for your budget.

Ear plugs

Hearing protection is a very important part of our hearing health. Use plugs to avoid damaging them.

Hearing aid clinic with the best brands in the sector

Each person is unique, therefore, the solution to your hearing problem will also be only for you. In our audiological center we work with the best brands on the market. In addition, we are part of the Widex dealer network, as a reference hearing center in the Almería area of one of the highest quality brands in hearing aids.

It is common to wonder if we really need a hearing aid or if the level of loss is normal for our age. With a visit to your hearing center we can find out exactly what your level of hearing loss is and recommend a solution.

Our audiology experts have years of experience and will accompany you throughout the process of fitting your new hearing aids.

How to solve hearing loss?

Do you feel that your quality of life has decreased because of hearing loss? It is a very common problem that has a solution.

More and more people use hearing aids with high levels of satisfaction.

If you feel that you have not heard well for a long time or you cannot relate to your surroundings with the same understanding capacity that you had before, book a free first visit in our hearing center.

We will advise you to find the cause of your hearing loss and start working on improving your hearing problem.

Salas García, your hearing center to hear better!