About Us

Your reference optician in Huércal Overa.

We are Loly and Mari Salas García and 19 years ago we created our optical center Salas García Ópticos y Audiometría in Huércal Overa. 

Currently, with our colleagues Ángela, Mario and Natalia we form the team of experts in optics and audiology of SalasGarcía Ópticos y Audiometría in the town of Huercal Overa, being one of the optical centers of reference in the province of Almería.

In 2003 we started our path in the optics sector by opening our Salas García Ópticos y Audiometría store in the center of Huércal Overa, until 2007 when we decided to expand the business also in the field of audiology. Since then we have been growing together with our clients and improving their visual and hearing health throughout these years.

A team of experts in optics and audiology at your service

Under our motto “See, hear and live” we develop our business philosophy, always focused on customer satisfaction and based on the years of experience that support us. Listening and accompanying people in the improvement of their vision and hearing problems has helped us to improve every day together with them.

We are a multidisciplinary team of experts in audiology and optics, we constantly adapt to new trends and train ourselves to keep up with the latest market developments. If you are looking for the best advice in optics and audiology of Huércal Overa, Salas García Ópticos y Audiometría is your center.

Your trusted optician in the province of Almería

Come visit us at our SalasGarcía Ópticos y Audiometría Huercal Overa store, we have a wide range of optical service with the best brands in frames and a graduation service with state-of-the-art machinery. Likewise, we have other services such as prescription sunglasses, contact lenses, ocular prostheses, Ortho K and control of the progression of myopia. 

In addition, at SalasGarcía Ópticos y Audiometría we have the exclusivity of selling brands such as Oakley and RayBan in the area.

If you have a hearing problem, do not hesitate to visit our Optical Rooms center in Huercal Overa, where you will find the best hearing aid solution from the best professionals. With the after-sales service we will always attend to any doubt or unforeseen event that you may have and we will accompany you throughout the process of adapting to the best hearing solution for you. We have a wide catalog of solutions for your hearing problems with the best hearing aid brands on the market such as Widez, Phonak or Oticon.

Whatever your vision or hearing problem, at Salas García Ópticos y Audiometría we can help you. We are a team of experts prepared and at the service of our clients. We want to meet you!

Visit us at Salas García Ópticos y Audiometría in the center of Huércal Overa, Avda Guillermo Reyna 24, local 56. We want to accompany you in the improvement of any vision or hearing problem you have. 

If you want to know the widest catalog of spectacle frames and sunglasses in the area, we are also waiting for you. We will advise you on choosing your latest fashion trend glasses.

Visit us or consult our wide catalog of online products from Salas García Ópticos y Audiometría.